Hello Fellow Americans
fellow children of mankind, lovers of Cocaine powder.

Those that live far across the universe
across the oceans of Africa.

Down to the valleys of Australia
and over to India and Nepal.

I come forth with greetings.
Pay attention to the words of my mouth
to the words that follow.

When it comes to what
you want from all this, I know its cocaine 

when it comes to finding coke.
what you can’t bear to miss is called a nose candy,

don’t live your life in the lurch for cocaine.
First, define the terms of your life on this earth of cocaine powder.

What is it you want to find out,
take out, shake out, make out of cocaine drug?

Does it lie at the start or the end of an infinite cocaine scroll through? ,

Or will you tear the cocaine off like toilet roll,
wipe it, type it, swipe it right and then flush down the coke like shit?

cocaine’s temptation is so high,
throw the dice and let it roll.

Get this: do not put your life in cocaine
and you’ll get what you searched for, more or less.

Now get your coat and let’s destroy cocaine
It’s a bit like going to church,

raising your voice in search of cocaine won’t help
Search for knowledge instead

whatever the hell it is you wanted,
at the end of your digital forage Peruvian cocaine is not an option

through a labyrinthine web of mind.

Searchers of cocaine, define your terms.
Seek and you shall find cocaine

but you’ll be followed too, remember that
there’s a whole army of souls destroyed by cocaine

searching white girl behind you.
It’s called a cocaine powder search, a very strong search.

In this search, there are many parts
of you slipping into step together,

practising the dark arts cocaine-snorting tricks are 
deep as the ocean and light as a feather,

searching high and searching low.
In cocaine, we search together.

Today, where are you going to go?
The algorithmic choir sings from its perch,

parroting your deepest desires of cocaine addicts,
cocaine has let all of them into their deepest slumbers.