Sour Tangie Live Resin – Gram

A perfect blend of potent distillate and tasty live resin, this Sour Tangie Cruisers with Live Resin cartridge is like poppin’ the clutch to get yer adventure rollin’. As Uncle Jack used to say, “There’s nothin’ like ramblin’ roads to destination nowhere.” This energizing sativa’s juicy tangerine & refreshing hashy finish will get you there, and then some. So, hit the high road, Jack, and skid in sideways in a cloud of smoke when you arrive. 1g.


Sativa Strains

Sativa is one of the most prevalent species of the Cannabaceae family, and for good reason: It can make you feel like a creative genius and improve your focus. Whereas indicas can be ideal for relaxation, sativa strains produce a head high that’s good for social settings and can even provide a boost of energy when it comes to physical activities. Sativa plants have longer, slim leaves that may lead you to believe you should learn how to play the piano. As a full-grown adult.
P.S. A reenactment of Hamlet with the cast of the Care Bears is a genius idea, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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