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Orange Owl MDMA Pill Risk Assessment

Orange Owl MDMA pill contains O\over 330mg MDMA. Side effects such as “jaw-grinding”, eye and nerve twitching, and even seizures can occur.
With overdoses increases, body temperature increases, and hallucinations may occur.

After taking high doses of orange Owl MDMA, respiratory depression increases,
The weakness of concentration, insomnia, and loss of appetite. The regular
Taking large amounts of MDMA is neurotoxic and increases the likelihood of
irreparable brain damage.

About Orange Owl MDMA Pill

Substance: 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine
Dosage: max. 1.5mg MDMA per kg body weight for men, max. 1.3 mg per kg
Bodyweight for women.

The onset/duration of action: after approx. 30 minutes / 4-6 hours
Owl ecstasy pills cause an increased release of the body’s own
Messenger substance serotonin. This payout releases a feeling of euphoria, lightness, and ease.

Eyesight and hearing change, touch, and music are felt more intensely, inhibitions are reduced and the need for contact becomes increased. Hunger and thirst, as well as tiredness, are reduced, attention will be raised. Body temperature and blood pressure also rise.

What Are Side Effects Of Owl MDMA Pills?

  • jaw grinding, muscle tremors, nausea, and increased blood pressure.
    Heart, liver, and kidneys are particularly heavily loaded.
  • There is a risk of dehydration and stroke as the body temperature rises.

Owl Ecstasy Pills Safe Use Rules.

  •  If you have no way to have substances analyzed, test first
    a maximum of a third pill since there are a lot of high-dose tablets in circulation.
  • Wait 2 hours after taking it, as there are always tablets with you
    unexpected active substances are in circulation, which has a later effect
    can have.
  • Remember: drink non-alcoholic drinks (3 dl/hour) and do from time to time
    Breaks in the fresh air to prevent overheating / dehydration.
  • Accept when the effect comes to an end because «rinsing» increases it
    Toxicity of MDMA pills.

The Basics Of MDMA.

  • Traditionally, the forms of MDMA labeled as Molly and ecstasy differ. Molly is most often available in capsules, and ecstasy is most often available as a tablet.
  • Molly is often considered to be the more potent form of MDMA, although this is largely a myth since it often contains other drugs instead of MDMA.
  • Empirical research studies analyzing various street forms of MDMA have discovered a number of other substances in the drug (in either Molly or ecstasy), including caffeine, amphetamines, cocaine, and PCP.
  • The potency or concentration of MDMA sold on the street is quite variable from source to source.
  • Chronic use of MDMA may alter various neurobiological pathways.
  • MDMA use results in amplified energy, feelings of emotional closeness, and sensory alterations.


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