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An Introduction To LSD Gel Tab.

LSD Gel Tab of over 850μg infused liquid LSD is classified as high doses. High doses increase the risk yourself. Such a high dose of LSD can be highly intense psychedelic experiences which can be disturbing and scary.

Also, paranoid ideas and hypersensitivity can occur. Music, light and other stimuli can be extremely uncomfortable. A mind-body separation (detachment from the body) can also occur.

LSD Gel Tab Dosage.

20 to 75μg of LSD Gel Tab are considered light, 275 to 350 μg are considered strong and over 650 μg are considered very strong. Approximately 20 minutes after consuming LSD Gel Tab, you might start feeling the effects.

What Are The Side Effects Of LSD Gel Tablets?

The side effects of LSD Gel Tab are very dependent on the dose, set and setting. LSD intensifies and alienates your senses, real things are perceived differently and your sense of space and time changes a lot.

Mood and feelings can change abruptly. “Creative thoughts ”, new ideas or spiritual experiences arise.

In the initial phase of an LSD trip, slight difficulty breathing, rapid heartbeat, sweats, changes in blood pressure and nausea.

Body temperature increases slightly, which causes dilated Pupils and optical focusing is made more difficult. The psychological risks are from depending on the personality structure.

LSD Gel Tabs changes perception, this can be so intense that users themselves
feeling overwhelmed by the flood of impressions. It can lead to incorrect reactions, loss of orientation, panic, Paranoia and “horror trips” are coming.

Precautions On How To Use LSD Tabs

In the long run, there is a risk – even with one-time consumption – that latent psychological
faults can be triggered.

LSD is not a party drug! Pay particular attention to the drug, set and setting!

Be sure to have your trip tested. If you have no way to have your liquid LSD analyzed, take a
Maximum of half and wait at least 2 hours to experience the effect.

Avoid mixed consumption (also with alcohol, energy drinks, crystal meth, cocaine or cannabis) as it is too unpredictable.

Pay attention to the needs of your body: Drink ‘water & take breaks in the fresh air


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