Cherub Angel’s LSD

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Buy Cherub Angel’s LSD Risk Assessment

Cherub Angel’s LSD of over 650ug LSD can be too much. The LSD felts analyzed in 2019 contained on average 265.2 µg LSD. High doses increase the risk even for experienced consumers.

Cherub Angel’s LSD produces top intense psychedelic experiences that are disturbing and scary. Paranoid ideas can also occur. Furthermore, so-called Hypersensitivity may occur, this is known as a “Bad Trip”.
Music, light, and other stimuli can be extremely uncomfortably felt. A mind-body separation can also occur.

About Cherub Angel’s LSD Blotters For Sale Online

An LSD dosage of over 20 to 75µg is considered very light, 175 to 350µg are considered strong and over 450µg are considered very strongly inscribed.

LSD effect highly depends on the dose, set, and setting. As a hallucinogen
Liquid LSD intensifies and alienates your senses, changes the sense of space and time
yourself strong.

Cherub Angel LSD blotters change mood and feelings, leads to the development of new ideas, spiritual experiences may arise.
At high doses, you can feel a detachment from your own body.

What Are The Side Effects Of Angels & Cherubs LSD Blotters?

In the initial phase of the trip,  you might notice slight breathing difficulties, rapid heartbeat, sweating, changes in blood pressure and nausea.

LSD may also lead to one strong production of saliva and mucus. The body temperature rises slightly, the pupils are expanded and optical focusing becomes very difficult, yawning without fatigue sets in.

LSD leads to changes in perception that can be so intense that users are aware of the flood of
Impressions feel overwhelmed, especially if the rules regarding set and setting are not observed.

Other side effects of LSD may include; wrong reactions, loss of orientation, panic, paranoia, horror trips, and mental disorders can be triggered.

Safe Use Rules To Follow When Taking LSD Drug

If you have no way to have substances analyzed, test a maximum of one
A quarter or a third of feeling, since felts are circulating in very different doses.

Wait 3 hours after taking LSD, as there are always felts with unexpected
Active substances are in circulation which can have a later onset of action. Accept when the effect comes to an end.


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