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$70.00 $30.00 per gram

Quick price list for PCP (Phencyclidine) according to various forms in which Angel dust exists.

  • In liquid form, we sell a gallon of Phencyclidine for $10, 000
  • An ounce of Phencyclidine powder sells at $350
  • A pill of PCP (Phencyclidine) sells at $15
  • A gram of PCP (Phencyclidine) sells at $30



Angel Dust (Phencyclidine) Available On Sale!

Phencyclidine (PCP powder), also known as Angel dust among other names, is a drug used for its mind-altering effects. PCP powder may cause hallucinations, distorted perceptions of sounds, and violent behavior.

Angel dust” is a street name for an illegal psychedelic drug that induces hallucinations and produces a feeling of detachment from oneself and one’s surroundings.

As a recreational drug, it is typically smoked, but may be taken by mouth, snorted, or injected. Chemically, Angel dust is a member of the arylcyclohexylamine class, and pharmacologically, it is a dissociative anesthetic. PCP works primarily as an NMDA receptor antagonist.

PCP (Phencyclidine) is a manmade drug first synthesized in 1926. In 1952 Parke-Davis Pharmaceuticals marketed it under the brand name Sernyl as intravenous anesthesia used for surgeries but discontinued it in 1965 because it had too many side effects.

Phencyclidine is still being produced illegally in private laboratories, along with several analogs available on the streets of many urban cities. Patients would cause extra work for hospital staff and endanger themselves when they become paranoid and agitated after their operations.

Phencyclidine was initially made in 1926 and brought to the market as an anesthetic medication in the 1950s. Its use in humans was disallowed in the United States in 1965 due to the high rates of side effects and addiction while its use in other animals was disallowed in 1978. ketamine was discovered and was better tolerated as an anesthetic than PCP powder.

The United States government originally classified PCP (Phencyclidine) as a Schedule III Controlled Substance with potential for addiction and some medical uses. This was changed in 1978 to a Schedule II Controlled Substance, defining the drug as one without medical uses and a strong potential for addiction.

If you are caught possessing or selling Schedule II drugs like PCP (Phencyclidine), crystal meth, or cocaine, you can incur severe penalties, such as heavy fees and/or prison sentences.

Common Street Names For Buy PCP Powder Online.

PCP is a very famous drug on the streets of many developed countries like the United States, the UK, Canada, Albania and, etc. Due to its legal status, users and sellers have decided to adopt many nicknames by which this drug can discreetly be communicated and sold underground.

The most popular street names for PCP include; Elephant tranquilizer, Embalming fluid, Hog, Ozone, Wack, Killer Joints, The Peace Pill, Angel Dust, Rocket Fuel, and Supergrass.

It is a white crystalline, bitter-tasting powder, very soluble in water or alcohol. PCP is also found in pills or capsules.

How Do People Buy Angel Dust Online Through Kik App?

A lot of people connect to buy and sell drugs online with the help of social media apps like KIK, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and others. They traffic common drugs like angel dust, cocaine, and MDMA on KIK by creating public KIK groups with the tags ” purchase angel dust on Kik, buy cocaine through Kik, cocaine for sale on Snapchat, buy MDMA pills through Kik, etc”.

By doing this, they are indirectly targetting search queries on Kik relating to cocaine, angel dust, MDMA, and probably and other opioids medication. This is how they get in contact with angel dust users, MDMA users, and cocaine users as well, they then start up a discussion and go from there.

Nowadays, People can easily buy Angel dust online in the U.S.A using cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Angel dust (phencyclidine), also know as Pcp powder is a common street drug in the United States. It is very easy to buy Angel dust online in America.

How Much Does PCP Powder Cost In The United States?

A dose of Angel dust is called a dipper in the united states. A dipper of Angel dust sold online can cost $25 to $40 a gram. PCP powder is usually snorted or inhaled through a tube, dissolved in liquid and injected, or added to crystal meth, cocaine, ecstasy, and Ketamine.

PCP (Phencyclidine) tablets cost about $20 to $30 each and are simply swallowed. Phencyclidine has a bad reputation even among drug addicts and their dealers because no one can never be sure of the drug’s purity and therefore it is always impossible to predict its results.

Quick Q: How Can I buy PCP Powder On Instagram?

Before the coming of Online drugstores like Blacknetsales, it was very easy for people to buy PCP powder online through social media apps like Instagram simply by logging in to your active Instagram account and type in the word Phencyclidine, a list of PCP-related results will appear.

These results consist of photos, tags, personal profiles, and groups, etc. Then continue by scroll down the personal profiles category and click on the top accounts on by one looking for a reliable seller of PCP powder.

In recent times, the presence of fraudsters and on Instagram has made it very difficult to order PCP powder and other drugs on Instagram.

Apart from Instagram, other social media platforms like FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE used to have lots of people selling drugs like PCP powder, Adderall, Hydrocodone, and white powder heroin on these social media platforms.

I remember when we schooled in the United Kingdom (UK), a lot of students were used to buying PCP powder through Kik. Unfortunately for them, Facebook, in particular, has become very strict with drug activities of any kind.

So it is a bad idea if you are looking to buy PCP powder on Facebook. Any attempts to sell drugs on FACEBOOK will meet a direct ban on the user account in question.

How Does Angel Dust For Sale Online Look?

Angel dust (Phencyclidine) may come as a brown or tan liquid, tablets, or creamy white to white powder. A gallon of Liquid PCP can cost up to $8,000 to $20,000, depending on where you live.  A one-ounce liquid container of PCP costs between $125 and $600.

People typically dip cigarettes made from marijuana, parsley, into liquid Angel dust liquid and then smoke it. This is the most common way of using Angel dust.

Angel dust smokes very hotly so it is usually combined with menthol to cool it. Angel dust can be used in disguising poor-quality marijuana. It is mostly supplied and distributed out of California through African-American gangs like the Bloods and Crips, who sell it mainly in large cities, college campuses, and nightclubs.

PCP Reactions And How It Affects The Brain.

PCP affects several neurotransmitters in the brain. It provokes the reuptake of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin.

PCP also provokes the action of glutamate by blocking NMDA receptors, which are responsible for pain sensation, emotions, and memory functions.

At higher doses, these interruptions allow the brain to disconnect from normal sensory experiences, or “reality.” However, it may also excite these receptors.

An average dose is 5 to 10mg has been can cause stupor. The effects of PCP can be felt within 30 to 60 minutes after ingestion and a few minutes after smoking. Immediate effects last 4 to 6 hours, but a return to a normal state can take up to 24 hours.

Due to the fact that Angel dust is an illegal drug, and can be used in uncontrolled conditions, there is no way of knowing how much is being taken, or what the effect will be.

What Are The Side Effects Of Phencyclidine Use?

Generally, the side effects of Phencyclidine use depend on the amount taken. When taken at low doses between 1mg to 5mg, Angel dust may produce agitation, excitement, loss of coordination, blank stare, catalepsy, inability to speak, flushing, sweating, over-sensitivity to sound, and involuntary eye movements, etc.

At doses between 5mg and 10mg, PCP (Phencyclidine) users may have some of the above symptoms as well as vomiting, increased saliva, eyes remain open, shivering, fever, and decreased sensitivity to pain and touch, etc.

When taken at doses above 10mg, PCP (Phencyclidine) users may have to be admitted to an emergency medical facility. Doctors typically look for the 4 Cs in PCP overdoses which are: catatonia, convulsions, coma, and combativeness.

NB: It should be noted that PCP prices range from $5 to $15 a pill, $20 to $34 per gram of powder PCP, and $200 to $300 for an ounce of liquid PCP. Don’t pay more!


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