Nano Cosmic Citrus

100mg THC

Kanha Nano utilizes nanomolecular technology to make the hardest-hitting gummies in the industry. They take our award-winning, great-tasting Kanha gummies and infuse them with cannabinoid particles that are smaller than a wavelength of light, which increases bioavailability, meaning there is no need to wait for the effect! So go ahead and take a joyful journey to another galaxy with Kanha Nano. 20 Gummies per bag at 5mg THC each, for a total of 100mg.


Sativa Strains

Sativa is one of the most prevalent species of the Cannabaceae family, and for good reason: It can make you feel like a creative genius and improve your focus. Whereas indicas can be ideal for relaxation, sativa strains produce a head high that’s good for social settings and can even provide a boost of energy when it comes to physical activities. Sativa plants have longer, slim leaves that may lead you to believe you should learn how to play the piano. As a full-grown adult.
P.S. A reenactment of Hamlet with the cast of the Care Bears is a genius idea, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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