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What Is Methaqualone For Sale Online?

Looking to Buy Methaqualone online? Wow! Methaqualone, better known on the streets as Quaaludes is a central nervous system depressant similar to barbiturates. Quaalude is a sedative, it was also used as a recreational drug in the 1970s in North America and in the 2000s in South Africa.

When taken in moderate doses of 150mg, the drug produces depression of brain function and deep sleep. Higher doses of 300mg or more have been known to cause general anesthesia, depression, and seizures. Street users of methaqualone have reported a feeling of quiescence, relaxation, friendliness, and receptiveness, and a loss of inhibitions.

These feelings led to methaqualones’ reputation as an aphrodisiac, a drug that increases sexual desire, However, the notion that methaqualone enhances sexual performance and pleasure is not based on fact. Although methaqualone may lower inhibitions and increase sexual desire, it actually reduces an individual’s ability to perform sexually.

methaqualone Users in Zurich often combine methaqualone with alcohol. This combination produces a pleasant sense of well-being, and increased pain threshold, an impairment of proprioceptive position sense which induces severe incoordination, and paraesthesia, or tingling of the fingers, lips, and tongue.

Quick Q: How Can I Buy Methaqualone On Instagram?

Before the coming of Online drugstores like Blacknetsales, it was very easy for people to purchase methaqualone on Instagram simply by logging in to your active Instagram account and type in the word methaqualone or Quaaludes, a list of methaqualone-related results will appear.

These results consist of photos, tags, personal profiles, and groups, etc. Then continue by scroll down the personal profiles category and click on the top accounts on by one looking for a reliable seller of methaqualone pills. In recent times, the presence of Switzerland fraudsters on Instagram has made it very difficult to order methaqualone and other drugs on Instagram.

Apart from Instagram, other social media platforms like FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE used to have lots of people selling drugs like methaqualone, Peruvian cocaine, crystal meth, molly and, white powder heroin on social media platforms. Unfortunately for them, Facebook, in particular, has become very strict with drug activities of any kind.

So if you’re trying to buy drugs on Facebook in Switzerland, bear in mind that any attempts by these Swiss drug vendors to sell drugs on FACEBOOK will meet a direct ban on the user account in question.

Is Methaqualone For Sale Illegal In Switzerland?

Quaalude medication is an Illegal drug not only in the United States, but a lot of countries like Lithuania, Spain, Switzerland, and other European countries have also placed Methaqualone under their various controlled substances act. Quaalude is a highly addictive drug and has a lot of side effects. There have been cases of users in this ataxic, euphoric state falling down a flight of stairs and not feeling the bruises until the following day…

Methaqualone users in Zurich describe the Quaalude sensation as peaceful and calm, as a rush, or as similar to being drunk. Others actually claim that it is fighting off the urge to sleep which gives them methaqualone high.

What Are The Side Effects Of Methaqualone Consumption In Switzerland

Methaqualone consumption comes along with several side effects. Most Methaqualone users in Switzerland call Quaalude the magic pill because of its wonderful ability to take away the pain.  Methaqualone consumption comes with the following positive side effects; relaxation, calmness, euphoria, body tingling or numbness, self-confidence, sexual arousal, drowsiness, incoordination, sleep.
Common side effects of Methaqualone consumption in Switzerland include; dizziness, slurring of speech, anxiety, and restlessness, weakness, agitation, paranoia, fear, and panic decreases the ability to perform sexually, possible loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting, etc.


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