Extra Strength Relief Tablets 1:1 – 40mg

20mg THC

20mg CBD

Breez’s Extra Strength Relief tablets, for all of your relief needs. This 1:1 ration product of CBD:THC is perfect for anyone looking for the medicinal benefits of each cannabinoid. Tablets are unflavored and it is recommended to swallow whole with water. 20mg per tablet, 2 tablets per package for a total of 40mg.


CBD Strains

Cannabidiol—or CBD for short—is THC’s very cool, calm, and collected cousin when it comes to the (approximately) 113 compounds found in cannabis. Whereas THC is prized for its psychotropic properties (i.e. it gets you high), CBD is non-intoxicating and is valued for its effectiveness in treating stress, pain, and sleep disorders. Don’t be surprised when your grandma asks you to hook her up. Also, pro tip: Even if you’re not looking for that THC-type high, the benefits of CBD are more pronounced when combined with at least a small amount of THC

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