Citrus CBD Mint Tin

5.88% THC

200% CBD

Enjoy the benefits of cannabis without feeling high. Inspired by the California sunshine, our CBD-rich mints are made with real organic orange oil and 10 MG CBD each from full-spectrum cannabis extract for a little bit of bliss anytime, anyplace. 200mg CBD.


CBD Strains

Cannabidiol—or CBD for short—is THC’s very cool, calm, and collected cousin when it comes to the (approximately) 113 compounds found in cannabis. Whereas THC is prized for its psychotropic properties (i.e. it gets you high), CBD is non-intoxicating and is valued for its effectiveness in treating stress, pain, and sleep disorders. Don’t be surprised when your grandma asks you to hook her up. Also, pro tip: Even if you’re not looking for that THC-type high, the benefits of CBD are more pronounced when combined with at least a small amount of THC

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