The real story behind the act of buying drugs off the internet.

The act of buying drugs online from a general perspective is a very broad and quite confusing concept.

Buying drugs online may not be only illegal, but also dangerous. The American Medical Association and state boards of medicine and pharmacy have all condemned the practice of cyber doctors issuing online prescriptions as unacceptable medical care.

Drugs sold by some online websites may be the wrong drugs, adulterated or expired, the wrong dosage strength, or have no dosage directions or warnings.

People just hear others talk about buying drugs like cocaine off the internet. It is quite an interesting concept to understand. This blog post will explain to you the following.

1) What is it to buy drugs off the internet.

2) Common ways of buying drugs online.

3) Discreet ways to pay for drugs bought online.

4) The risk involved in Buying drugs of the internet

5) The Advantages and Disadvantages of buying drugs online.

6) List of recommended places where you can buy drugs and the types of drugs bought online.

1) What Is It To Buy Drugs Off The Internet?

Buying drugs off the internet is simple but sometimes a very complex process. It involves drug users of all kinds browsing the internet from their respective locations and placing orders on online pharmacies and other drug selling platforms.

They make their orders respectively of the different drugs they take, be it marijuana products or hard powders like CocaineKetamineheroin down to prescription pills like Adderall or OxyContin pills.

Buying drugs online is an age-long practice older than most of the people who are indulged in it. It is an activity that started far back when Google came into existence.

Buying drugs over the Internet can make life a lot easier. Drugs on the Internet are sometimes cheaper. Your MDMA pills are delivered to your door. 

Buying drugs online was regarded as a win-win activity because of the security and discretion it provides for most drug users and drug dealers.

Buying drugs like cocaine and Fentanyl online increased the prevalence of hard drugs on the streets of urban cities especially those cities characterized by partying and fun.

This later increased the drug consumption rate per head, the drug industry witness abnormal cash inflows, they grew richer and richer. Sadly for masses were the increase in drug addiction rate, drug use alongside its possible effects, the crime wave increase, increase in the use of opioids for addiction treatment and most importantly death rate from drug abuse.

Sadly, there are many dishonest online drugstores and it can be hard to tell the honest ones from the dishonest ones. So you need to be very careful when you’re buying drugs online.

Many fake drugs are expertly packaged. They look like the real deal, but they may have been made under very dirty conditions and cut with street additives.

Street drugs may contain ingredients like chalksugar, and flour instead of the products you need. In the worst cases, fake Adderall pills will contain drugs or chemicals that could harm you.

2) What Are The Easiest Ways To buy Drugs Online?

To begin with, there are so many discreet and easy ways to buy drugs like cocaineMollyand Ketamine powder off the internet. Some of the methods include;

a) Buying drugs off drug forums.

b) Buying drugs from online drugstores.

c) Buying drugs on the dark market.

c) Buying drugs on social media.

e) Buying drugs from dual functioning head shops.

A) Buying drugs off online drug forums.

There exist hundreds of drug forums on the internet hosting drug vendors from far and wide the globe. This makes it very easy for drug users to buy drugs like LSDCrystal methXanax Alprazolam, etc from the drug vendors in these forums.

On these platforms there exist few fake drug vendors, forum spam checks help to fish out fake drug vendors with little or no review from legit drug vendors, so you actually have huge chances of buying your drugs from a legit vendor.

Most drug forums use secured escrow payment systems that protect drug users and drug buyers against money loss and trust conflicts leading to problems.

Buying drugs off drug forums is actually not a bad idea because some reputable drug forums have the rights to sell some particular drugs which can be sold under prescription, they now use this advantage to traffic illegal drugs like MDMA pillsCrystal methCocaineand Heroin without having too many eyes on them.

B) Buying Drugs From Online Drugstores.

Secondly, another promising and easy way to buy drugs online is by buying from Online drugstores such as Blacknetsalesand Silicondrugsalesand Thedrugmovement.

To be honest with you guys, these online drugstores have unbelievable and unexplainable ways of functioning without going on the radar. 

Most online drugstores manage to stay up and running for several years without being traced by the DEA, some operate on Clear net, others operate on the darknet.

Buying drugs from online drugstores typically involves drug users storming the internet in search of drugs, with the help of drug affiliated keywords, they stumble on top ranking online drugstore with the best Search Engine Optimisation strategies. They continue by browsing and placing orders on their eCommerce shops.

Once these orders are received by these drugstores, they then process and ship each and every order to the respective addresses provided by the buyers in their order note. Shipment is done through very discreet and underground routes like submarines, Private jets, the bullion van consignment, etc.

C) Buying Drugs On The Dark Market.

The Dark Market or simply the Darknet is a very discreet and underground drug network where drug vendors and drug users meet to complete their transactions. Some of these markets include the Berlusconi market, Agatha market, Dream market, etc.

These Dark Markets operate almost in a similar manner as drug forums. They also use secure escrow payment systems to keep both parties safe. 

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Altcoin, and Monero are the only means of payment on these dark markets.

Dark Markets are pretty cool places to buy drugs online while they are still up and functioning. The DEA is worried about the existence of these Dark Markets that’s why they’re bent on seeing them shut down.

D) Buying Drugs On Social Media platforms.

Buying drugs on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc is another very popular method of buying drugs online.

There are thousands of drug dealer profiles on these aforementioned social media platforms currently advertising drugs like HeroinLSDCrack cocaine and OxyContin. They place their adverts in a way that will trick webmasters so they don’t meet spam punishment.

Facebook, in particular, has a very smart way of detecting drug selling accounts. They ban these accounts as much as they can, limiting the trafficking of drugs on Facebook.

Nevertheless, Facebook and other social media handles have become very unpopular in recent times. This is mainly due to the very high security put on place by the management. 

Social media are not the best places to buy drugs online these days, you’ll probably just meet less serious drug vendors out there.

e) Buying Drugs From Dual Functioning Head Shops.

Dual functioning head shops, on the other hand, are simply accredited marijuana shops that traffick illicit drugs like cocaineCrystal methMorphineand MDMA pills.

These head shops function the same way online drugstores do. A good example of a Dual functioning head shop is

3) What Are The Most Discreet Ways To Pay For Drugs Bought Online?

Talking of methods of payment, There have been several changes in the methods of payment, From Credit card payment to Gift card Payment to Wire transfers and finally Cryptocurrencies.

Credit card payment was once the best and most secure method of payment used by most online pharmacies and drugstores. 

In recent years, there have been several hack attempts by some fraudulent websites on credit cards used to make payments on their websites.

Due to that fact, credit card payments have become more unpopular because of the vulnerability to hacking attempts.

Apart from credit card payment, A lot of drug users often used other payment methods like cash app, Zelle, and Venmo to pay for the drugs they buy online.

Buying drugs online and paying with bitcoin is one of the best ways to pay for your drugs without leaving any paper trail. Bitcoin payment ensures complete discretion and it is recommended to any drug user who wants to buy drugs online without keeping any trace.

4) What Is The Risk Involved In Buying Drugs Online?

Yes, it is basically very easy to buy drugs like fentanyl powderpentobarbital sodiumMDMA pills and LSD off the web.

 It is important to note that drug trafficking remains a very serious crime against the government of so many countries.

Drug trafficking comes along with its own dangers like a crime wave increase, high death rates from the abuse of hard drugs like CocaineHeroinand NembutalSo any discovered attempt to buy drugs online can lead to serious legal penalties.

One of the major risks involved in the act of buying drugs online is the fear to get arrested or traced by the police.

It is true these online drug vendors take a lot of preventive measures but then, some of their customers are newbies in the field and can’t manage risky situations coming from their end.

Another serious risk involved in the act of buying drugs off the web is possible to be defrauded or scammed. There are a lot of dishonest drug vendors out there just waiting for the right people to defraud.

Therefore, it is very advisable to buy drugs online from drug vendors using the Escrow Payment System. With them, there are very limited chances of you losing your money since the escrow payment makes sure the customer receives his or her order before releasing the funds to the vendor.

Another very common risk involved in this whole buying process is the uncertainty in the quality of drugs sold onlineA lot of drug vendors sell counterfeited or fake drugs online. The drug industry is a very condensed jungle and as such everybody is trying to top their profits no matter what it takes.

A lot of street drugs are unpure, Cocaine and Heroinfor example, are always mixed (cut) with things like corn starch, flour, and some cheap painkillers in order to increase profit margins.

5) The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Buying Drugs Online.

a) Advantages Of Buying Drugs Online

Buying drugs online can be sometimes very advantageous to both the buyer and the seller. In the paragraphs below, will pint point some general advantages of buying drugs online

To begin with, It is a very easy and less stressful means of acquiring your drugs. 

Buying drugs online saves you the stress of having to tour your neighborhood and beyond just to find a steady plug. The use of smartphones, smart tablets and computers have facilitated the whole show. With just a few clicks, you can discreetly buy drugs online and pay with bitcoin.

Secondly, a lot of drug users especially women and teens are scared (chicken-hearted) and can’t afront the tension involved in a real-life drug scene, they will trip and get themselves caught by the police. In this case, the internet is the best way for such people to buy drugs like Peruvian cocaineFentanylKetamineand LSD.

Also, the act of buying drugs online creates some comfort in the drug industry, The discretion with which this activity comes with is enough to keep many drug dealers off the radar for a very long time. This makes drug vendors more steady as they don’t get to lose customers every day to the cops and they themselves don’t get caught for showing up too frequently.

Moreover, the act of buying drugs online has led to massive growth in the cryptocurrency industry in recent years. This is so because most drug selling platforms like the Dark market, Online drugstores, and drug forums often choose bitcoin payment as their primary payment method because of the discretion it provides.

This act of buying drugs online has made the drug industry very solid and unshakable in recent years. State governments are doing their best to limit or reduce the prevalence of drugs like Heroin and Molly in their countries but as we know, the internet will always provide untrodden measures in which both drug dealers and drug vendors can come together.

The drug industry is becoming stronger and stronger every day thanks to the existence of online drug-selling platforms.

b) Disadvantages Of Buying Drugs Online.

It is important to note that online drug trafficking also comes with some disadvantages which are completely inevitable (The karma of drug trafficking).

Police traps:

To begin with, the process of buying drugs online entails a lot of people meeting for their first time. With that in mind, we know it is very difficult to know the real person hiding behind the so-called vendor profile you’re contacting.

In most cases, some FBI and DEA agents always post as drug vendors on some drug selling platforms just to go after these drug users. This method is usually not aimed at getting petty drug users. Most at times, they use this trick to get those very big drug buyers who buy drugs like Heroin in bulk.

These online drug-selling platforms can sometimes be a safe passage to jail.

Drug scams:

Secondly, The act of buying drugs off the internet has led to the existence of many scam artists and fraudsters who are out to defraud drug buyers. This makes it difficult to completely rely on these drug-selling platforms for steady drug supply.


Moreso, online drug trafficking has led to the prevalence of so many drugs on the street. The massive use of illicit drugs like Crack cocaineheroin, LSDMDMA pillsand Ketamine has gone a long way to increase the crime wave rates of many big cities especially in the United States and other parts of Europe and Australia.

Drug abuse

Also, the constant availability of illicit drugs like cocaineandXanaxat these online drugstores and drug forums has made it very easy for drug addicts to get drugs whenever they want. This is one of the primary causes of drug abuse in urban cities — getting the drug is not difficult at all.

Disclosure of personal data:

When you buy drugs online, there is this compulsory tendency of providing the drug vendors with personal information like your House Address, Phone numbers, Email, Full Names, and a few more.

Disclosing your personal information to strangers over the internet is generally not a good idea but then, You can’t avoid that because all the drugs you buy online have to be shipped to you.

So it is clear that buying drugs online exposes drug users to strangers.

The most common hard drugs bought online are;

Crack Cocaine

Peruvian Cocaine

Xanax Alprazolam

Black Tar Heroin


ketamine powder

MDMA Pills


Pentobarbital Sodium, etc.

The most prescription drugs bought online are;

OxyContin pills

Ritalin PillsMorphine Pills


Hydrocodone and hydromorphone

Codeine pills and a lot more.

NB: Two trusted online drugstores where you can buy drugs online are Blacknetsales and SilicondrugsalesThey’re perfectly legit and sell high-quality drugs.

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